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A clean garage starts with a clean floor in Severna Park, Crofton, Parkville

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The results of our SparTek garage floor refinishing system in Severna Park, Crofton, Parkville and nearby!

We all dream of a clean, orderly garage. Unfortunately, for most of us, the garage has become the junk drawer of the house: piled high with half-finished projects, rusting bicycles and shelves of leaking paint cans. And the floor? That might be the saddest part. It's likely cracked, flaked and stained with oil, paint and other debris. So, to achieve that dream garage, you really need to start from the ground up.

The SparTek system is a polyaspartic garage floor coating professionally installed by DryZone, LLC and the first step towards a clean, ordered garage. The SparTek system features full-broadcast flake distribution, is far more damage-resistant much faster-curing than traditional epoxy floor coating methods.

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Full-Broadcast Flake Dispersion

Full-broadcast flake dispersion provides the beautiful, granite-like finish you've been dreaming of. Unfortunately, many DIY kits (and some pro installers) skimp on the amount of flake they use, and the result lacks visual appeal. DryZone, LLC's SparTek system uses a generous amount of flaking to help you achieve your goal of making your garage an extension of your home.

Which one would look best in your garage?

Flake options from left to right: Bryce, Carlsbad, Everest, Glacier.

Breathless Landscape
Breathless Landscape
Breathless Landscape
Breathless Landscape

More than Just a Garage Floor Coating - It's a System

The SparTek Difference

The downfall of most DIY and some professionally installed garage floor coatings is that the results often only last a year or two, as the likelihood of delamination (peeling and cracking) is high. Installing a SparTek polyaspartic coating system is a multi-step process that can be completed in a single day and ensures a beautiful-looking garage floor that resists chipping and staining for many years to come.

Preparation for SparTek Installation in Delmarva

The key to a successful, long-lasting garage floor coating is surface preparation. Most homeowners simply don't have access to the tools and skills required to adequately prepare their garage surface. In fact, most crews agree that about 80 percent of a successful job boils down to effective surface preparation:

  • Perform any necessary garage-floor lifting and leveling.
  • Remove any caulking or loose concrete.
  • Sweep the floor and blow out cracks with leaf blower.
  • Apply concrete crack sealer.
  • Scarify floor with industrial walk-behind grinder to prepare surface for bonding.
  • Tape off all edges.
  • Sweep floor and blow it clean with leaf blower.

SparTek Installation

Once the garage floor surface is prepped, the actual installation takes place:

  • Basecoat is applied, then flake is dispersed.
  • Topcoat is applied at just the right thickness.
  • Entire work site is cleaned up.

Not only does the SparTek system yield professional results, you also won't have to worry about having to refinish your garage floors every few years due to peeling.

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