Work Requests in Wilmington

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Learn more about DryZone LLC'S recent work requests in Wilmington, DE
Vicinity of Alders Ln in Wilmington
Concrete entry steps from driveway to front entry sinking.
Vicinity of Calfrun Dr in Wilmington
Sunken driveway
Vicinity of Atlantic Ave in Wilmington
I have a set of 6 concerete steps leading from the sideway up a hill on the way to my front steps. The middle step including the sides have split, perhaps 2 inches. Looking to have repaired.
Vicinity of Dilworth Road in Wilmington
There ia an addition on my home . (The family room) . It spans across the back length of the house . There is noticeable cracking in the walls . I am concerned that the foundation is the problem. There is no basement.
Vicinity of Black Gates Rd. in Wilmington
I have an inground pool with some of the concrete decking slags beginning to sink (ie settle). I would like to get a quote on what it would take to raise a couple of the concrete slabs.
Vicinity of Dunhill Drive in Wilmington
I have a front porch slab that has settled.
Vicinity of Monica Boulevard in Wilmington
Back stairs separated from slab. 2 stairs are in decent shape just need to be lifted
Vicinity of Bethany Loop in Wilmington
Garage floor is 22x20 for a total square footage of 440.
Vicinity of Marvilo Ave in Wilmington
We are moving into our newly purchased home, and the home inspection showed some water issues in the basement. Water also collects in the backyard after rain. Basement mold was treated but now we'd like to implement a more permanent solution to keep it from coming back.
Vicinity of Spalding Road in Wilmington
I would like to install French drain install in my backyard because of the excess water. I am looking for a quote
Vicinity of West Fourth Street in Wilmington
I have a sidewalk at a renovation project I am working on that has settled over the years. There is a low spot that collects water and by the front porch it has settled almost 3" creating a difficult step up to the house.
Vicinity of Westminster Drive in Wilmington
Our house has shifted recently and we need a professional to look at it.
Vicinity of in Wilmington
There are several places in my trailer where the joists are sinking. Currently an area in my kitchen has sunk so much that one of my cabinets are angled now, the drawers won't close now also
Vicinity of Pennington Drive in Wilmington
I had a quote to encapsulate a crawl space back in 2017 and would like someone to see if they could perform that work or come out for a new quote.
Vicinity of South Clayton Street in Wilmington
Basement wall cracks are expanding.
Vicinity of N Van Buren St in Wilmington
I have a room that is starting to slope.. I had an inspector tell me the crawl space needs support beams to help lift the side that's sloping...
Vicinity of Marsh Rd in Wilmington
Just purchased this house and we are planning to make the basement into a usable space.
Vicinity of Delpenn Rd in Wilmington
Uneven garage floor.
Vicinity of Marilyn Dr in Wilmington
We are looking for a quote on leveling an area of our concrete pool deck as well as repairing a crack
Vicinity of Duncan Rd in Wilmington
I am under contract to purchase a home and would like an estimate on having the front entrance slab leveled and some repair done to Foundation sidewalls.
Vicinity of Severn Rd in Wilmington
I have a CMU basement wall that has a horizontal crack about 12 ft long near the top third. I'm thinking pressure from freeze thaw of soil around and hydrostatic pressure too. Do you do this repair? I'm located in Wilmington, DE 19803. Thanks!
Vicinity of Pennington Drive in Wilmington
Looking to have a back patio leveled. It's made of concrete blocks.
Vicinity of Roseanna Drive in Wilmington
Concrete basement wall water leak
Vicinity of Stoney Creek Ln in Wilmington
The fill beneath our house's concrete slab has settled.
Vicinity of Swallow Hill Road in Wilmington
I have a horizontal crack in basement. Need assessment and estimates to fix it
Vicinity of Tatnall Street in Wilmington
I would like a proposal to waterproof a crawl space.
Vicinity of in Wilmington
Unfinished basement showing signs of wall rubble piles, possible foundation repairs needed?
Vicinity of North Scott in Wilmington
Basement is musty and mildew and I believe with all the rain there is water underneath the portion of the basement that is carpeted.
Vicinity of Weatherton Drive in Wilmington
Chimney pulling away from house, water leaking into basement
Vicinity of Monte Circle in Wilmington
My house is sinking, need a estimate. Leave a message during working hours, call after 5:30 p.m. or send me an email.
Vicinity of Fallon Ave in Wilmington
Looking for an estimate on repair costs for a cracked foundation wall. Please call or email for more details. Thank you.
Vicinity of Brighton Ave in Wilmington
Uneven sloping floors
Vicinity of Tracy Court in Wilmington
I have a front porch consisting of a concrete slab on concrete block foundation. The left side of this foundation has settled approximately 3/4 of an inch leaving the slab without support in this area. To a lesser degree there is also foundation settling occurring at the front edge of the porch. I would like to know if it is possible to raise the foundation with jacking (of some sort) and a rough estimate on what it would cost.
Vicinity of Hazel Ave. in Wilmington
Dirt basement needs reinforcements, hardwood floors separating
Vicinity of E Mall St in Wilmington
Floor on one side of enterance hallway is sagging 1 inch. Checked in crawlspace and found addition was not properly supported
Vicinity of Belmont Ave in Wilmington
Basement is wet after rain/snow
Vicinity of Brandywine Blvd. in Wilmington
I would like an estimate for applying a water vapor barrier to my cinder block foundation. My home was built in 1924.
Vicinity of Bodine Drive in Wilmington
Wood floor joists bowing in basement
Vicinity of Atkins Avenue in Wilmington
Water leaking in cracks of floor and walls of basement seller is not fixing the problem just paints drylock
Vicinity of North Grant Ave in Wilmington
Hi - my mom's front porch is sinking and pulling away from the house. I need to get an estimate on repairing it...
Vicinity of N Franklin Street in Wilmington
Crawl space encapsulation in a 100 year old house in wilm de area approx 12 x 12
Vicinity of Nicholby Dr in Wilmington
Foundation of home sinking on one side.
Vicinity of Charlston Dr in Wilmington
Need quotation for complete basement finish approx. 1200 sq.ft. It is unfinished right now. Need to schedule appointment for visit.
Vicinity of Shipley Rd in Wilmington
Floor joists repair above crawl space. Crawl has previously been encapsulated, mold remediation etc. has been completed
Vicinity of Shallcross Ave in Wilmington
House built in 1921, crawl space under two rooms smell comes through the floor mostly on hot or rainy days. I am concerned for my health with this issue.
Vicinity of Pinehurst Rd in Wilmington
Just bought this house. Sellers said PREVIOUS water issues in basement were fixex but basement has water aeeping in
Vicinity of Pennington Drive in Wilmington
We have a small home which has a high water table. We have remediated but have an open (ground) crawl space that we'd like to cover up.
Vicinity of Limeric Circle in Wilmington
Looking for BUDGET estimate to finish 1200 sq.ft. basement along with egress window. Concrete poured walls. Need to provide concrete cutting and window installation. This is for potential house we are looking to purchase in Newark DE.
Vicinity of Decatur Road in Wilmington
I have two concrete sidewalk slabs which have sunk. I am not sure if this is too small of a job but I am interested in getting a quote to have the two slabs leveled.
Vicinity of Locust Avenue in Wilmington
Have a small crack in basement wall on driveway side of house tried myself to patch it with waterproof concrete but it still leaks when it rains for extended periods. Looking for a professional opinion thanks
Vicinity of Lafayette Street in Wilmington
Window wells fill up during substantially heavy rains - water comes through window. We have cove joint leaks throughout 3 walls, and another leak mid way up on one of the walls.
Vicinity of W Holly Oak Rd in Wilmington
With the past rain, our basement walls were gushing water
Vicinity of Brandywine Blvd in Wilmington
I am property manager and Realtor. (1) 205 Stoney Run Rd 19809 Rear concrete slab at house wall needs a lift. (2) 14 Wellington Dr 19702 Rear concrete slab at house wall needs a lift.
Vicinity of Sonora Ave in Wilmington
Cracks in drywall in two bedrooms running the length of the ceiling.
Vicinity of Concord Pike in Wilmington
Vicinity of Hayloft Circle in Wilmington
Floor issues inside home. Possible foundation repair. Need estimate Additional information: How did you hear about us: Internet Main Area of Concern: Foundation
Vicinity of Kingsridge Dr in Wilmington
Need a new liner and coat of Drylock on the walls. Additional information: How did you hear about us: Internet Main Area of Concern: Crawl Space
Vicinity of Deepwood Drive in Wilmington
Looking for a quote to waterproof our basement. Crawl space is dry. Basement is in pretty good condition. Gets damp in area that is underneath front porch. Our basement is a block foundation. Additional information: How did you hear about us: Other Main Area of Concern: Basement
Vicinity of Rigdon Road in Wilmington
I have a section of cement in front of my shed that is sinking Additional information: How did you hear about us: Internet Main Area of Concern: Foundation
Vicinity of Grubb Road in Wilmington
I just bought a house where there is a crawlspace, and some problems were noted there by the home inspector. I have a crawlspace without a lining and the insulation is wet. I am concerned about the boards there. I have a sump pump there, but I am not sure that it is working. Also, next to the crawlspace is a laundry room that has standing water on the floor. The room is wet and musty, of course, and I would like to have a dry laundry room and crawlspace. Thank you!
Vicinity of Maryland Ave in Wilmington
Water comes in under walls when it rains. Very damp basement. Additional information: How did you hear about us: Internet Main Area of Concern: Basement
Vicinity of Diamond St in Wilmington
My front concrete porch is sinking near the house and it's pitching so the water comes to the house would like to know if it could be lifted or if I need to replace it Additional information: How did you hear about us: Internet Main Area of Concern: Crawl Space
Vicinity of Stanton Road in Wilmington
Water is coming through the concrete walls. May have mold... need an estimate before selling my house. Additional information: How did you hear about us: Internet Main Area of Concern: Basement
Vicinity of Hoiland Drive in Wilmington
Have a walkway that is sinking. Additional information: How did you hear about us: Internet Main Area of Concern: Foundation
Vicinity of N Cliffe Dr in Wilmington
Cracks in driveway Pool decking cracked foundation issues in garage and house waterproofing basement
Vicinity of Mckenanns Church Road in Wilmington
I have a patio slab that has several areas that are holding rainwater and is not shedding off of the patio
Vicinity of Brandywine Blvd in Wilmington
Basement currently has french drains. No sump pump. We have no clue where the french drains lead to. Water comes in through french drains
Vicinity of Weldin Circle in Wilmington
(1) water ingress in some areas of block basement wall; and (2) one or two small sidewalk areas are in need of leveling and would like a PolyLevel quote.
Vicinity of W Clearview Ave. in Wilmington
I have a wood retaining wall that is leaning away from the hill. I would like to find out if it can be repaired.
Vicinity of Evergreen Rd in Wilmington
My crawlspace currently has some standing water which I would like remediated and then solutions provided to prevent the moisture from re-entering. I also have a 4 ft. horizontal crack in the cinder block foundation which is viewable in the crawlspace.
Vicinity of S. Ogle Ave in Wilmington
Sloping floor, bowed basement wall
Vicinity of PAschall Ct. in Wilmington
Have possible foundation leak into basement. Need identification of problem and estimate. Thank you
Vicinity of Shipley Road in Wilmington
Old house (1798) needs french drain on three walls in unfinished basement and a new sump.
Vicinity of Westgate Drive in Wilmington
Two walls in the basement are bowing. I would like to have them reinforced.
Vicinity of Bristol Dr in Wilmington
Clean up Barrier wrap Dehumidifier Bad Smell
Vicinity of Linden Street in Wilmington
Bulging brick wall on front of home
Vicinity of Whitekirk Drive in Wilmington
Crawlspace encapsulation
Vicinity of Fairlee Rd in Wilmington
Mudjack for front walk
Vicinity of Turkey Run Rd in Wilmington
Crumbling brick step on top of concrete slab in front of front stoop. Both have pulled away laterally from stoop. Thinking of removing brick step and jacking cement slab up and toward the stoop to form new step.
Vicinity of W Pembrey Dr in Wilmington
Sinking 2 tiered font door entrance stoop
Vicinity of in Wilmington
Basement Foundation Crack; and concrete slab of sidewalk that needs lifting/leveling
Vicinity of Clifford Road in Wilmington
Need a sump pump in crawl space
Vicinity of Marklyn Drive in Wilmington
Cracking at doorways and sloping floor. Also possible basement issues.
Vicinity of Penarth Drive in Wilmington
We have some uneven concrete slabs around our pool and would like a quote on mudjacking theom to level.
Vicinity of Thistle Court in Wilmington
Crawlspace is damp and has mold
Vicinity of in Wilmington
Need a French drain , basement gets very moist to wet
Vicinity of Weldin Ridge Rd in Wilmington
Home inspection found crack in the foundation wall. Need to have repaired.
Vicinity of Morningside Dr in Wilmington
One section of sidewalk has settled down and is uneven and poses a tripping hazard. We would like a quote to have the one 3x4 (approximate measurement) section lifted/slabjacked. Thanks so much!
Vicinity of Owen Drive in Wilmington
Crawl Space encapsulation
Vicinity of Old Hill Rd in Wilmington
Wet basement when it rains
Vicinity of Mckennans Church Rd in Wilmington
Cracking and sinking chimney
Vicinity of Denny Road in Wilmington
Occasional dampness in basement- Sump Pump quote.
Vicinity of Dettling Rd in Wilmington
I would like an estimate for insulating my crawlspace.
Vicinity of Brandywood Dr in Wilmington
Stair step crack basement wall.
Vicinity of Westmoreland Ave in Wilmington
Need some bracing and floor joist repairs in the basement.
Vicinity of Linden St in Wilmington
Wet basement
Vicinity of Copley Drive in Wilmington
Porch concrete floor is sunken in the middle. Water accumulates after a hard rain.
Vicinity of Point Breeze Drive in Wilmington
Interesting in estimate on French drain and sump pump install with battery backup system
Vicinity of Victoria Avenue in Wilmington
Water penetration in basement of 74 year old house with block foundation; request for waterproofing evaluation ASAP.
Vicinity of N Tatnall St in Wilmington
Basement in an old (100 yr) city home with some water seepage. I would like an estimate to install an interior drain (french drain).
Vicinity of Maryland Ave in Wilmington
Would like an estimate on a French drain.
Vicinity of W Delaware Ave in Wilmington
I need a second sump pump put in
Vicinity of Matthes Ave. in Wilmington
I want basement protect from rain water.
Vicinity of Whittier Road in Wilmington
Crawlspace insulation. Stone House built in 1930's. Want to get estimate to condition/insulate
Vicinity of in Wilmington
Leaking pipe in basement, seeking option to waterproof basement
Vicinity of Foulk Road in Wilmington
I am selling my home and the home inspector says that an expert should look at the crack in the basement wall.
Vicinity of Southhampton Ln in Wilmington
Base walls dampness and molding
Vicinity of Twist Lane in Wilmington
Wet basement, broken sumpump, dampness in walls. We need help!
Vicinity of Tyrone Ave in Wilmington
Water leaking in pours of block
Vicinity of N Scott St in Wilmington
The cement walls of our office basement are crumbling in certain areas, especially closer to the floor. I'd like to know how much it would cost repair/reseal the basement. Sorry, don't know the dimentions, but it's an _old_ rowhouse in Wilmington.
Vicinity of Scott St in Wilmington
We have notice some moisture in our basement during heavy rains. We live in an old row home about 100 years old. The stone walls in the basement were sealed in the past but some areas appear to need re-sealing. We are looking for recommendations and free estimates to help prevent moisture problems.
Vicinity of Perth Drive in Wilmington
I am requesting an estimate to fix the water that is leaking through the walls in my basement.
Vicinity of in Wilmington
Unfinished area in basement has some water issues.... Doesn't get real wet but bad rain storms do create a few problems with damp walls and cracks. Basement does have mold at the base of wall and in sump pump hole that was done but never finished properly by a horrible contractor
Vicinity of Arundel Dr in Wilmington
Basement floods when heavy continuous rains occur
Vicinity of Fairhope Rd in Wilmington
Brick wall crack under front door due to the front concret stair pushed against to the wall.
Vicinity of Chatham Dr. in Wilmington
Moist crawlspace and water in basement
Vicinity of Valley Way in Wilmington
I have an uneven floor in a section of my home. I would like to have your company take a look to see if I should be concerned.
Vicinity of Linda Rd in Wilmington
Water coming under wall
Vicinity of D St in Wilmington
Old stone foundation with moisture leaking into basement, displacing mortar
Vicinity of Wilson Road in Wilmington
I would like the crawl space encapsulated, any holes patched, and a new entrance door.
Vicinity of Wyncote Drive in Wilmington
Foundation in crawl space has cracked blocks some are severly damaged the worst damage involves a 8 foot area at a corner just behind concrete steps. Need a professional to look at and come up with a repair plan. Also need a overall inspection of the foundation in that crawl space and the rest of the house. Also the whole crawl space foundation is above grade.
Vicinity of Longwood Drive in Wilmington
We are getting water in our crawlspace. I'm not sure if there is a crack in the foundation or if the water is not draining properly away from the house after it rains.
Vicinity of Longfellow Drive in Wilmington
I get water in the basement after several days of rain and would like to get a sump pump installed and water proof
Vicinity of S Bancroft Pkwy in Wilmington
Looking to get an estimate for two floor drains in my bilco door areas. possible a french drain and sump.
Vicinity of Eaton Road in Wilmington
We would like to get an estimate for installing a 2nd french drain in the basement before adding carpet.
Vicinity of Duckworth Rd in Wilmington
Horizontal crack running the full length of a block wall in the basement.
Vicinity of New Street in Wilmington
12x47 porch deck is settled sloping water toward house. Looking for estimate to mud jack level.
Vicinity of W. Oakland Dr. in Wilmington
We are selling our home, and the buyers have hired a licensed contractor to examine cracks in our brick foundation wall. We've looked online and it states if the bow in the wall is greater then 1.5", and the crack is 1/16" or below it should not be a concern. What indications can we look for to know if there is a problem with the foundation that should be addressed, or if the issue is just cosmetic and was part of the original settlement of the brick when the house was built? Would we be able to have someone come out and inspect if there is an issue? Please advise.
Vicinity of N West Street in Wilmington
There was a water leak in the basement wall, I want to plug and leaking hole, which may require the excavation of the soil on the outside down to the original of water.
Vicinity of Waverly Rd in Wilmington
Need to have new flooring and walls installed in basement.
Vicinity of Forsythia Avenue in Wilmington
I have 7' deep by 10' wide concrete front porch that has settled approx 1.5" at the house line - can it be "mud jacked" back to its correct height or level
Vicinity of Little Rock Road in Wilmington
We would like an evaluation and estimate to repair a crack in our foundation. Thanks.
Vicinity of N Dupont St in Wilmington
I'm in the process of buying a home and noticed an issue with the basement slab. There seems to be some errosion under the slab with several large cracks. The building is very old but would like to have someone come take a look/provide an est for repair. Thanks, Brian
Vicinity of Dewson Lane in Wilmington
Crawl space wet.
Vicinity of Gilles Street in Wilmington
I would like to have someone come out for a free estimate as to how to prevent water from entering my basement. Thank you.

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