Work Requests in Felton

DryZone, LLC is dedicated to helping our community by always providing exceptional customer service, quality craftsmanship, and reliable products. It's how we've built our reputation for excellence in Felton. Learn more about DryZone, LLC's recent work requests in Felton and nearby areas!

Learn more about DryZone LLC'S recent work requests in Felton, DE
Vicinity of Dailey Drive in Felton
Newly renovated molded basement at property and we do not know the source of where the moisture is coming from.
Vicinity of Autumn Glen Ct in Felton
Crawl space under house: insulation is falling out of ceiling, ground has more moisture than usual, probably need a new plastic covering..I would like to get an estimate to see about getting the crawl space "sealed" like your advertisement states.
Vicinity of Woodsedge Lane in Felton
Moisture, falling insulation, odor, mold, flooding, needs vapor barrier
Vicinity of Woodsedge Ln in Felton
Looking for quote to raise sidewalk
Vicinity of Lake Dr in Felton
Signs of moisture damage in basement drywall.
Vicinity of Woods Edge Ln in Felton
I just bought a house in October. The house has a crawl space, under the house. I have had to go down there a couple times and there is water under the house. I want to be pro active rather than re active, I am just looking for a quote right now.
Vicinity of Red Clover Drive in Felton
To install a barrier in my crawl space . There are no appliances or heating equipment under there . Just damp ground .
Vicinity of S. Lexington Dr. in Felton
I have issues with mold and high humidity in my basement.
Vicinity of Coursey Mill Rd in Felton
Water in one corner of crawlspace
Vicinity of Willow Grove Road in Felton
Water/moisture in crawl space. Possibly needs teh instalation of a sump pump.
Vicinity of Tomahawk Lane in Felton
We would like to talk and meet with someone about waterproofing out crawl space and having a sump pump installed. Thank you
Vicinity of Sandalwood Dr. in Felton
Reduce drafts and dust. Increased energy efficacy.
Vicinity of Belfry Drive in Felton
Complete basement finishing
Vicinity of Mirasol Drive in Felton
The dwelling is a raised ranch with walk-out basement. Foundation is poured concrete. Because the dwelling is raised, a lot of the foundation is exposed. Below one of the small windows was a small crack running from the window to the ground. The house was under warranty at the time, so I asked that the crack be repaired. The repair involved using a chisel to open the crack and putting in epoxy to close it. The repair has since failed, and the crack has gotten worse. During heavy rain storms, water may be seen entering the interior through the same crack on the interior side of the foundation.
Vicinity of E North St in Felton
New construction 1yr old interseted in an estimate for a conditioned crawl space 1400 sq ft.
Vicinity of in Felton
We are Trey, Inc. Residential Contractors. We have a development in Felton The crawl space of our model home is quite damp and we are interested in remedying the situation.
Vicinity of Green Court in Felton
Vicinity of Waterside Drive in Felton
Foundation blocks are leaking water into basement. sump pump in place and working.

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