Crawl Space Repair Customer Testimonial from Mark S. in Millsboro, DE


Mark S. had been living for 17 years in a home with a problematic crawl space. It was extremely wet. and while running some electric wires through the space he noticed that mold and dry rot were beginning to appear on the beams and joists, which could eventually compromise the structural integrity of the house.

He called a few companies but according to him. DryZone was the only company who offered a complete package of solutions to address all of the problems in the crawl space.
"There are so many things that you offer that I didn't see in some of the other estimates I've got. "

For example. while other competitors would simply use the existing crawl space screens to close the area, DryZone offered an air-tight sealed crawl space door.
He was also very impressed with the superior quality of the products including the 20mil CleanSpace liner.

Mark is extremely happy with the way his crawl space now looks and feels.

- Mark S. of Millsboro, DE