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Frequently Asked Questions About Garage Floor Coating with SparTekā„¢

Browse some of our frequently asked questions about SparTekā„¢ garage floor coating with DryZone, LLC.

  • What is SparTek?
    SparTek is a long-lasting polyaspartic garage floor coating system that turns a worn, stained and cracked concrete garage floor into a beautiful, durable, long-lasting surface that resists impacts, abrasion, chemicals and the effects of UV rays.
  • Is SparTek available from other contractors?
    No, SparTek is only available through dealers that are current members of the Supportworks network.
  • What types of surfaces are suitable for SparTek?
    SparTek was created for concrete garage floors but can also be applied to other concrete areas of the garage, including stem walls, concrete stairs and the apron - the part of the garage floor that goes beyond the garage door and meets the driveway.
  • Are there other color or finish options?
    While we currently offer the four most popular color combinations, we expect to offer more in the future.
  • How should I keep my SparTek floor clean?
    A SparTek floor is easy to clean. In most cases, you simply need to hose it off and then clean it with an all-purpose cleaner and a broom. Harsh chemicals are neither needed nor recommended.
  • How is the area prepped for SparTek installation?
    As the homeowner, your responsibility is to remove everything from the garage floor and cover any items on the walls or hanging from the ceiling. Next, a team of trained technicians will prepare the surface using highly specialized equipment. Once the surface is prepped, the installation can begin.
  • How is SparTek installed?
    First, the base coat is mixed, tinted and painted onto the garage floor. As soon as the base coat is applied, it is covered with decorative flake. Next, the clear top coat is mixed and painted onto the floor, sealing it permanently. Finally, the work area is cleaned up and the new surface is left to cure.
  • How long does SparTek take to install?
    As long as there isn't significant cracking or other surface issues, a SparTek coating can be installed in a typical garage (up to three cars) in just one day. Once the coating is installed, it takes about 24 hours to cure - then you can begin enjoying your new SparTek floor!
  • Can SparTek be installed on exterior surfaces?
    SparTek performs best for indoor applications, with our focus being on garage floors.
  • What is the warranty?
    DryZone, LLC provides a lifetime satisfaction warranty for as long as the customer owns the home on all areas where SparTek was installed. We guarantee that the coating will remain in place under reasonable wear and tear, not succumb to hot tire pick-up or staining from spills of oil, fluids, gasoline and diesel that are promptly removed, or peel/delaminate from the concrete surface*. Concrete cracks or spalling concrete that exist prior to SparTek being installed will be repaired before the coating is installed. However, if the underlying concrete slab shifts and moves, cracks may reappear or occur. Contractor agrees to spot repair, at no additional cost to Customer, any areas of delamination not caused by hydrostatic pressure from moisture below the slab. *Despite our actions to test for moisture below the slab prior to install (and suppress that moisture where needed), we cannot guarantee prevention this from occurring.

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