Work Requests in Berlin

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Learn more about DryZone LLC'S recent work requests in Berlin, MD
Vicinity of Teal Circle in Berlin
Damp crawl space, moldy smell coming from HVAC system. All duct-work is in the crawl space
Vicinity of Ocean Parkway in Berlin
Looking into vapor barrier for crawl space, if needed.
Vicinity of Newport Drive in Berlin
Strange odor in bathroom prompted call to plumber. He went into the crawl space and discovered opening into insulation and found some animal feces. Suggested I contact some crawl space repair service.
Vicinity of Pinehurst Rd in Berlin
I have a crawl space that has flooded due to water in the yard. I would like to keep it from happening again.
Vicinity of Washington St. in Berlin
We are have some water seepage in our basement and it's not pretty. Need an estimate. Yikes
Vicinity of Hatteras in Berlin
Crawl space 1553 SQFt
Vicinity of Franklin Avenue in Berlin
I just purchased my home, and upon inspection, I was advised to install a vapor barrier in the crawl space and repair and seal verious doors and vents to the crawl space.
Vicinity of Flower Street in Berlin
Floor joists and sill need to be replaced
Vicinity of Abbyshire Rd in Berlin
Want to get estimate on encapsulating crawl space
Vicinity of Alton Pt in Berlin
Additional information: How did you hear about us: Home Show Main Area of Concern: Crawl Space
Vicinity of Yacht Club Drive in Berlin
Just wondering what it would cost to improve our crawl space.
Vicinity of Mason Drive in Berlin
Vicinity of Friendship Rd in Berlin
I need a vapor barrier laid on my entire craw space under my home. Also I need insulation replaced under the home and debris cleared out. My home interior is 2100 sq ft
Vicinity of Ocean Parkway in Berlin
Small section of concrete walk has sunk about 2 inches
Vicinity of Pinehurst Road in Berlin
I would like a quote on a crawlspace repair. Our crawlspace is filled with piles of rocks, dirt and debris and I would like to have this cleaned out. I also have some moisture problems in the house that may be due to the conditions in the crawlspace.
Vicinity of Newport Drive in Berlin
Need crawlspace dehumidifier
Vicinity of Sweet As Sugar Lane in Berlin
New construction - need quote for encapsulation of crawl space and dehumidifier.
Vicinity of Yeoman Ct in Berlin
I would like quote to insulate my crawl space. It's currently dry and in good shape. The house is 720 sq/ft.
Vicinity of Decatur St. in Berlin
I know that my vapor barrier is deteriorating and I need to improve drainage around the house.
Vicinity of Harpoon Road in Berlin
I need an estimate for my crawl space. I do have a vapor barrier and sump pump but still having moisture issues. I am shopping around for the best price. Thanks.
Vicinity of Ocean Parkway in Berlin
Vapor barrier installation
Vicinity of in Berlin
Slab floor in office sinking
Vicinity of Dockside Dr in Berlin
Crawl space waterproofing
Vicinity of Camelot Circle in Berlin
Home inspection indicated that there was sagging insulation, wood deterioration on band boards/joists, moisture throughout, etc.
Vicinity of Shire Drive in Berlin
Need space clean up under house got to get all new plumbing done had leaks under house
Vicinity of Westfield Circle in Berlin
We would like to have someone look at our crawl space and fix any problems that exist.
Vicinity of Liberty in Berlin
Moisture in crawl space, needs to be cleaned up and closed in and ventilated.
Vicinity of Drawbridge Rd in Berlin
Looking for crawlspace encapsulation.
Vicinity of Hunting Hound Rd in Berlin
Crawl space has too much water under it. This is due to hurricane sandy this time but during frequent rain it happens. Any way to clear it up so it does not happen every time we get a rain storm or hurricane?
Vicinity of Yacht Club Dr in Berlin
Cupping of hardwood floors
Vicinity of High Sheriff Trl in Berlin
Wanted to get an estimate on crawl space encapsulation
Vicinity of Fort Sumter S in Berlin
Plumber installed new kitchen faucet and opened outside hose connection spigot to bleed line. He forgot to close it; ran for 26 hours. Now the crawl space leaks.
Vicinity of Capetown Rd in Berlin
I have a damp crawl space and a large portion of the insulation has fallen due to moisture. Installing electric block ventilators helped for a while, but eventually stopped working due to the moisture. My home is in Ocean Pines, Md and is 40 years old. I need Help!
Vicinity of Hammock Pt in Berlin
I would like to schedule an appointment regarding our settlement/foundation.
Vicinity of Laurel Trail in Berlin
Current space has some standing water and the walls have been sprayed with foam in the past. The house experiences a mildew odor and has insulation hanging down in areas.
Vicinity of White Crane Drive in Berlin
Have a Nanticoke home and live in flood plain area where flood insurance is required. Yard takes time to drain after hard rain.
Vicinity of Yacht Club Drive in Berlin
I am interested in a vapor barrier for my crawl space, and possibly a dehumidifier. I have a proposal from Orkin.
Vicinity of Concord Lane in Berlin
Have water in crawl space in Ocean Pines. Would like estimate on sump pump and encapsulation system. Will need to coordinate time as this is not our primary residence.
Vicinity of Dove Lane in Berlin
We own property in Ocean Pines, Berlin, MD and have had ongoing odor problems related to the crawl space. The entire house was raised 12 years ago or so, but that didn't solve the problem. I will be at that house April 24-27 and would like to schedule an inspection then. My cell phone

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